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Top 10 Highlights in Paralympics 2012 Opening


Another exciting beginning took place during the Paralympic 2012 Opening which became hype and a very enlightening night for all who have witnessed its grandest event. It was the night for all disabled athletes, artists, and other performers to give assurance and hope that despite of the very challenging situations that they have experienced, and are still experiencing, they can make a difference not just to those people who are complete physically, but they can give a better perspective to all who have not yet realized their value and worth not just to the society, but to their nations. Every four years along with the regular Olympics for able-bodied athletes, they are shining and would continue to give light to those who feel that life is not worth living because of their physical condition. Hence, as this even continues to move, everyone will witness another miracle and spectacle from the bravest, noblest, and inspired Paralympic athletes, as they wave their flags up not just for their countries, but for themselves, that they can make an inspiring story that will be the highlight of the event. Last August 29, 2012, marked the Paralympics 2012 Opening, and here are the top highlights of what became remarkable, unforgettable, and mind-boggling that night.

10. Standing Ovation for David Bowie’s Song “Heroes”

10. Standing Ovation for David Bowie’s Song “Heroes” e1346655686567 Top 10 Highlights in Paralympics 2012 Opening

This was one of the most high-spirited and tear-eyed moments while Great Britain Team was entering the stadium, David Bowie’s song Heroes was played and it has received a big applause not just from the spectators, but especially to the hosting country. It was more of a booster that each player of Great Britain are heroes including those Paralympic Athletes who are currently playing and participating for the pride of their country, and their honor to show their undying abilities beyond their physical limitation.

9. The Presence of Prince William and Kate Middleton

9. The Presence of Prince William and Kate Middleton e1346655676203 Top 10 Highlights in Paralympics 2012 Opening

Aside from the cheerleading teams, and other supporters of each team in this year’s Paralympic events, there are two important people who are part of the royal lineage wherein their presence boosted the Great Britain team. The Duke and Duchess from Cambridge along with Prince Harry gave their respect and support not just to their team who would represent their country, but to boost as well the public’s interest about the sacrifices, and hardships that the Paralympic athletes underwent just to be part of this once every 4 years event.

8. The Carrying of the Union Jack Flag

8. The Carrying of the Union Jack Flag e1346655666561 Top 10 Highlights in Paralympics 2012 Opening

The Armed Forces members led the carrying of the Union Jack Flag while the opening ceremony began. Moreover, Peter Norfolk carried with dignity and pride their flag as he represents the country in the wheelchair tennis field wherein he is a known two-time champion already. Everyone who was able to witness this portion had felt the spirit of patriotism in seeing their flag witness and stands among all other flags since they were chosen as the hosting country for Paralympics 2012.

7. The Moon

7. The Moon e1346655655273 Top 10 Highlights in Paralympics 2012 Opening

One of the greatest and legendary astrophysicists, of this new era and generation has led the Paralympic Opening wherein it began with a big bang through Professor Stephen Hawking. The choreography shows an exploration in an evening setting wherein audience or spectators could visualize the feeling of looking up at the stars. In fact, the professor’s voice boomed out while beginning the story of the opening presentation. It was part of the welcoming greeting of the professor to all nations especially the Paralympic athletes who have their best effort of preparation to come, compete, and give victory to their countries.

6. The Athletes Parade

6. The Athletes Parade e1346655642854 Top 10 Highlights in Paralympics 2012 Opening

Of course, the most exciting and anticipated part of all are to see the Paralympic athletes who would represent their countries. They were grouped according to their countries, and they were wearing their uniforms or costumes. There was a great applause while each team comes in showing their pride and colors. It was really a different sight compared to the regular Olympics. You would see the positive and happy faces of these remarkable, elite, and special athletes. They become able as they wave their country’s flag, signifying that they are going to win, and will do their very best to make it to the end.

5. Tribute to Newton

5. Tribute to Newton e1346656375655 Top 10 Highlights in Paralympics 2012 Opening

London has great respect when it comes to the contribution to Sir Isaac Newton through an apple bite, and other biggest apples floating on air. Everyone is aware that he was the one who discovered and explained the Law of Gravity. They have a high regard on Science and Technology, as to its influence, role, and the benefits that it gives to the old and new generation. It’s more of a history, and its effect to the generations to come. This is the role of an Apple and especially the theory that Isaac Newton has explained in most of the studies that he had done. It’s more of scientific achievement in the midst of the spectacle that Paralympics 2012 brings to the citizens of London.

4. The Remake of 43 feet-tall Disabled Portrait of Alison Lapper

4. The Remake of 43 feet tall Disabled Portrait of Alison Lapper e1346655585478 Top 10 Highlights in Paralympics 2012 Opening

This is the best symbol and reminder to all disabled people in the world through the popular portrait of Alison Lapper which was one of the creations of Marc Quinn. It stands 43 feet wherein it showcases Alison Lapper’s pregnancy that actually took the center stage of the Stadium. In fact, it serves as an Icon of the London Paralympics 2012. This gigantic reproduction of Alison Lapper who was a known poster girl for several Paralympics in the history was born and raised with short legs, and without arms. Nonetheless, she was positive, and she became famous through her paintings and she does it with a brush that she places in her mouth. In fact, she received an MBE award for the things that she had done. Her replicate portrait becomes a symbol of Paralympics 2012.

3. A Pile of Giant Books

3. A Pile of Giant Books e1346655576298 Top 10 Highlights in Paralympics 2012 Opening

This was one of the stunning presentations held that evening of the opening ceremony of the Paralympics 2012. In fact, aside from the pile of giant books, you would also see the big book formed in a globe which all contained information about science. London is known for its great respect on education especially when it comes to scientific promotion when it comes to the development and other major changes brought about by the ingenious minds of the past, and the contemporary ones.

2. Suspended Umbrellas (Mid-Air)

2. Suspended Umbrellas Mid Air e1346655564213 Top 10 Highlights in Paralympics 2012 Opening

Aside from the parade of umbrellas from the performers that were really fun, and exciting to behold, what really made most of the spectators heartbeats run faster was the suspended umbrellas performance on Mid-air. It was actually one of the ideas of the astrophysicist who conceptualized the whole idea wherein it was included on the performance on the giant flaming globe while performers continually waving their umbrellas on the right side.

1. Fireworks

1. Fireworks e1346655553969 Top 10 Highlights in Paralympics 2012 Opening

Everyone was electrified, and felt the power that Paralympics 2012 brings not just to the Paralympic athletes, but across the globe who have watched the opening especially when fireworks ceremony made a transformation on the sky. It became part of the introduction, and ended it with another firework on a zigzag formation which was seen on the sky. Indeed the theme’s enlightenment perfectly complimented the grandiose opening ever heralded and seen in the history of Paralympics. It has perfectly suited the goal of the organizers of the Paralympics 2012 which is to give power to its participants, and leave a boost and ooze of confidence to all Paralympic athletes. It has achieved its goal through the planned details of what fireworks can give to the audience, spectators, and all people across the globe who are supporting this special event once every four years. It’s a night to be remembered, because it has touched every heart of those people who became a witness of the grand opening ceremony.

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