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10 Hottest Female Vampires in Hollywood

10 Hottest Female Vampires in Hollywood

There are so many films in Hollywood that have been made specifically on the topic of Vampires! People have normally been afraid of vampires or perhaps this is the kind of image that was always portrayed, that vampires are creatures of the dark with nasty blood sucking souls. Then there were film series like Underworld and Twilight that somehow altered the way people look at vampires. Maybe it is because they were thrown against werewolves and thus looked less vicious and dangerous in comparison! This however, is a general point of view. What I am going to present to you in this article, is a list of female vampires from various movies, who were so hot that they didn’t even need to lure their prey in the trap if they had too! I am sure a lot of you might not agree to the particular ordering I have in this list would certainly be a pleasurable need!


Yes you guessed right. She certainly is the same lady who appeared in the hit season “Prison Break” as the so called wife to the lead character Micheal Scofield. She was a delight to look at and when one imagines her portaying the role of a vampire, the image that pops up in the mind is too hard to resist. The movie in question is Moonlight where she plays LOLA the vampire, often doning her birthday suit to lure her kill!


I think it would safe to mention the hotest first so that later we are left with the obvious choices and there is no apparent shock! She appeared as a vampire in the movie ” From Duck Till Dawn” where she was perhaps the first and only strip teasing vampire in the history of Hollywood. And true guess people, the husky voice, oozed charm as a vampire as well!


The lovely littel girl who stars as the lead vampire in the movie Innocent Blood. Most of the guys out there are awed by sultry seductress petite dames, but this one tops them all! She lures her prey into bed with an awesomely amazing foreplay for a night of pure bloody fun! IF hot and seducive vampire ladies are your thing, then Innocent Anne is a must watch for you.


I do not think that there is any thing that can define why Kate Beckinsale has such a huge fan following. In the entire Underworld series, and even in the lastest installment, she simply rocks the character. I do not think any vampire in the history of cinema as portrayed such a glamorous vampire!


I think it is about time we a bit of a Ukranian touch to the over all article eh? This pretty lass appeared as a vampire in a french movie called Paris HA T’aime. Ukrain is known to produce (no pun intended) beautiful women and thus we have Olga! Considering the fact that she was born into a lower middle class family, she turned out to be pretty hot. She played the role of a vampire as gorgeoulsy as possible and thus deserved a spot on this list!


Now she is one of those ladies that appeared in the movie BLADE and if you really are a true admirer or follower of vampire movies, I am pretty sure you must have seen these. The Blade series is a whole bunch of confusion if you miss some of the parts and since she appears in the second part, Blade 2, you won’t really get it if you haven’t watched the first two! But once seen, I am sure you will think it was totally worth it!


I thought, before the UNDERWORLD skips right under my nose, I might as well mention another beautiful lady from the same series. Sophia plaed Erika in The Underworld series and we must admit, she was quite a provocative vampire. I am sure most of prey wouldn’t have had an issue being bitten by her! The fangs added the X-factor to her over-all appealing personality!


This pretty woman has been seen by many on the covers of many a famous magazines. Brilliantly beautiful eyes, sensual looks, a deadly appeal, when got in a combination with vampirish traits, took the life of many (metaphorically speaking ofcourse). She plays Dracula’s wife and man is she a sight to behold!


Ordinary, if the current circumstances did not previal, I would have placed her at number one on this list, but judging by the recent discoveries of faithlessness, my trust has been tarnished! Apart from all of the sentiments presented above, I have to admit that her character as a vampire (which is yet to be scene on film though) was truly aw-inspiring. She made me fall in love with vampires more than Kate from underworld, which was more of a power packed vampire image rather than that of a love stricken, emotional, romantic one like Breaking Dawn.


Coming now to the star of todays list is Mila Jovovich. She plays Violet, the vampire, in Ultra Violet and man does she steel the show or what. For the entire movie, she is mostly dressed up in a white ensemble and it trule took the elegance of the vampires to a whole new level! Beautifully played by Mila, the gorgeous actoress was the perfect choice for the role! She has previously played important lead roles in the Resident Evil series and she has this impressive aura of strength about her that makes one want to respect her and love her! The perfect combination of beauty, brains, and fangs, she tops the list for this compilation as I simply found no match to her!

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