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10 Ways to Get Ranked Higher in Google Search Engine

10 Ways to Get Ranked Higher in Google Search Engine

There are one hundred and one ways to get ranked on Google, but only a few of those methods really work. Online businesses and website owners take very creative approaches when it comes to getting found on the Internet. Some use organic traffic while others pay for visitors. Either way, there are proven ways to get ranked higher in Google search engine. Let’s go over the top 10 ways to make that happen.

10. Building Back Links

One of the simplest solutions for getting found on Google is to build back links. And these are simply links that point visitors towards you. All that you would need to do is make sure that you target keywords specific to your niche and then cloak the link to your URL. Also make sure that you are submitting your site to DMOZ as well as other online directories. And you will want to do this as soon as possible as this process can easily take a few months to refresh and actually show up on the web. Finally, you can pay for links as well, which can be a last resort if you aren’t receiving enough organic traffic.

9. Keyword Research

You should not waste your time optimizing your website with keywords that are not even relevant to your specific niche. In other words, if you use keywords that are specific to your business then you will be much more likely to attract relevant customers. There are various online tools that you could use that would allow you to target a wider range of keywords. Also, make sure that you are experimenting with more than one keyword so that you can figure out which one works best.

8. Research Competition

There are a variety of tools that you could use in order to do research on your competition. You should visit EduLinks, GovLinks, Del.Icio.Us, Alexa Ranking, DMoz, and Whois. By the way, you are probably thinking that doing research on your competition isn’t ethical. Note that these websites aren’t giving any specific information about those websites; they are simply providing you with an overall snapshot about how they are performing. Knowing this information will allow you to implement their techniques and even get rid of what isn’t working.

7. Title and Meta Tags

For those who don’t know, a Meta-tag is the piece of information that is placed in the “head” of a web page. The title tag is what you see at the top of a browser when you’re surfing the Internet. Meta-information is useful because it communicates to search engines (like Google) what you’re offering on your website. Basically, it communicates information that a human visitor wouldn’t even bother to look into. On the flipside, you can use a title tag to help specify to the search engine the various keywords associated with your online business. And the best part is that title tags take place instantaneously and can make a noticeable difference in your success on the Internet.

6. Content

You’ve probably heard that “content is king” on the Internet. In most cases, this is true. Whenever you provide relevant information about a specific topic, Google will reward that particular web page by placing it higher in its search engine. This is because it knows that this is a piece of relevant information that online users will be able to learn from. Also note that keyword research will help you out a lot with this. And make sure that you aren’t “keyword stuffing”, because Google does not like this.

5. Submit a Site Map

Google uses something called “bots” to visit your website and determine whether or not it is up to par with the search engine standards. However, if you wish to speed up this process then you should be submitting a sit map. Basically, this will provide a shortcut for the bots so that they can easily and quickly find all relevant information on your site. It will allow you to get ranked much more quickly.

4. Site Stats

While this may not be the most enjoyable thing to do, it is very important in terms of importance and getting ranked higher in Google. And not only is it good for rankings, but site stats will dramatically increase your website’s accessibility. Site loading time can also be increased when you perform this step. Basically, with site stats, make sure that your website is never linked to sketchy websites and that relevant and trusted sites are linking to you.

3. Heading Tags

Another great tactic that you can use to help get your site ranked higher in Google is to properly utilize your heading tags. Basically, make sure that you’re using them often and make sure that you’re using them right. If you must, do some keyword research and include them in the heading tags of your articles and posts. This will place much more emphasis on them and allow them to be picked up by Google much more easily.

2. Links

While this may sound like a simple tip, it is often overlooked by the majority of websites. Basically, your success on Google is all about links. And not just links- relevant ones. For example, if you can link with websites that are already successful on Google then you are one step closer to becoming found yourself. Good links can be hard to come by and you should take advantage of them whenever possible.

1. Follow the Rules

Nothing will get you banned from Google’s search engine quicker than not following the rules. Achieving a high status on Google means that you follow their guidelines and never use unethical or unmoral ways to receive traffic. If you are found to be doing this then it is likely that your chances of having that specific website found are slim. Solid results and property following the right steps will allow you to steadily rise in the search engine and will ultimately, produce much more organic and relevant traffic.

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  1. Knowing this information will allow you to implement their techniques and even get rid of what isn’t engine ranking