Monday, September 24, 2012

10 Ways You Can Live A Longer Life

Living a long and happy life is the desire of everyone who appreciate what they have and what they can deal with. The fact remains that many people do not actually know how to prolong their lives and they struggle to just barely live from one day to the next. It is important for them to be totally engaged in the quest for a longer and more fulfilled life and to discover the ways in which they can extend the duration of it. They will not live forever, or at least not yet, but the quality of life may drastically improve.

10. Training hard

Exercising is the best way to keep in shape and to live longer and happier. Besides the fact that it promotes health in all circumstances of life, daily routines will help reinvigorate the body and the mind and will make people feel a lot happier. It is important to work the entire body and to engage it in a fun and toning activities. If you are not into hard work at the gym, a nice activity like dancing or swimming can have the same benefits like strenuous trainings.

9. Have lots of friends

As human beings, it is known that we are totally dependent on social relationships. Even if people like it or not, it is important to develop solid friendships and get people to know the strong and the weak points of you. Trusting people creates a solid way of perceiving life as the ones with too make doubts will live a life full of suspicions and will not feel happy. The good mood that a bunch of friends can put you into, is a great asset that cannot be compared with anything.

8. Take Vitamin D

Experts have proved that Vitamin D is the key to longevity as it can suppress the possibility of getting ill from a number of diseases. It will protect anyone from things like cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis, which usually are associated with a deficiency in vitamin D. The optimal levels of this vitamin should be above 50 ng/ml. Once a disease is installed if the vitamin is not in sufficient quantities, the complications that can lead to death are serious and they can only be treated by boosting vitamin D levels.

7. Good night sleep

It is known that sleep deprivation is a serious condition and the brain is unable to function properly unless it gets the necessary amount of sleep. All periods of sleep count and even if you take a nap here and one there, it will all gather to improve the level of freshness. Some people need more sleep, while others are satisfied with less. Anyhow, it is important to get that quality sleep in which for a number of hours no one disturbs you and the possibility of waking up rested is not something remote.

6. Dental care

Poor teeth health is the cause of poor general health. The bacteria and the infections that develop in the mouth cavity are more dangerous than previously thought. It could be associated with a higher risk of stroke or heart attack and it will deteriorate the body which is constantly fighting to cure the infection. It is recommended to visit the dentist at least one time per year even if nothing seems to be bothering. The chronic inflammation can in that case be cured so as not to spread to other organs of the body.

5. Omega-3

The good fatties have been a topic of discussion for some time now. The best fatty to ingest is the Omega-3 which can easily be found in fish oil. Many people choose to take supplements based on it in order to prevent deprivation of this important nutrient. It is important to keep a good ratio between the Omega-3 and the Omega-6 in order to preserve the chances of living longer.

4. No gluten

Poor diet can be a cause of premature death and the ingestion of products which contain too much gluten is something that should be avoided. Gluten will only agitate the intestines and may cause severe inflammation of the brain. In some cases, people may turn out to be allergic to gluten and suffer from severe conditions. Even if someone is not allergic, it is better to try and take it out of the diet as much as possible. Foods which contain white flour are dangerous as they can raise the blood sugar levels at alarming stats.

3. No more chemicals

Even if people like it or not, they are surrounded by environmental chemicals. These can be found in plastics, personal care products, dyes, gas and even food additives. It is scary to even consider the ways that people get exposed to these toxins which could cause cell damage in the long run. It is better to opt for natural fiber and clothing and also for vegetables, fruit and animals which are grown totally naturally.

2. The power of antioxidants

Ingesting a sufficient quantity of antioxidants every day could help the body remain young a whole lot longer. The main nutrients are magnesium, zinc, vitamin D and omega-3. Zinc is really useful in eliminating any heavy metals that could have entered the body in such a way that it will not affect the brain. Magnesium is great for good brain electrical activity and often helps people with memory issues.

1. Eat a healthy diet

A balanced diet which is full of nutrients is helpful for the body. Keeping the serving portions low and often does not stress the digestive system. It is also important to ingest the proper quantity of fruit and vegetables on a daily basis. Green and leafy products should never be deprived from the diet and this means that they will be used in all sorts of dishes. It is important to try and eat food which is less prepared in the case of vegetables because in that way the anti-oxidants and the vitamins will remain intact and helpful for the body.

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