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Top 10 Ways To Propose

Top 10 Ways To Propose

A milestone in any person’s lifetime, engagement signals that you are both content and happy to settle down for the long haul with that one special person. Although it is traditionally a man’s job to do the asking, here in the 21st century more and more women are feeling up to this task of tasks. Here’s a list of 10 methods you could consider if you’re thinking of making the leap anytime soon.

10. The Classic

Called so for a reason, god only knows how long the classic method has been employed by a nervous lovebird over the millennia. Instructions are as follows: get down on one knee, presents box with HUGE precious ring inside and then utter those 4 short words. Pretty simple, right? I know the methods inclusion on this list won’t exactly trigger an unstoppable wave of inspiration, as everyone is aware of it- however it’s still one to be considered.

9. With a Note

If you’re the shy type and feel those pesky nerves may get in the way of your perfect one kneed moment, then a noted option may just be for you. The precise mechanics of the notes delivery can be left up to yourself, whether you leave it in an obvious place to be discovered by your partner or just hand it to them and bust out the ring, eloquent language is a must. Poems however are completely optional.

8. With a Cake

This option is one that’s often talked about, however whether it actually gets used for real is a different matter altogether. The premise is simple- take your partner out for dinner and when it’s time for dessert, have a waiter bring over a cake with your proposal iced onto the top. Despite requiring a little prior arrangement, this option is not only extremely tasty but charming too. Also, the added dimension of it being a public place reduces your chances of rejections by a HUGE amount.

7. Take Out a Newspaper Ad

If your partner is a committed reader of the papers (a characteristic which admittedly is becoming more rare), then why not take out some column space to propose? Local publications are of course preferable due to money related issues, however the staff at most papers are usually happy to help figure out something suitable for any budget. This option ranks quite high in the popularity department, with straight forward and more cryptic routes both available- and completely to your discretion.

6. A Game of Hangman

If err…Hangman is a big or relevant aspect of your relationship, you could always use the game as a vessel for your proposal. The idea is very simple and requires only a piece of paper, a pencil and the sacred hangman know-how to pull off effectively. Admittedly, it probably sounds a lot smoother on paper than it would be in practice- but it’s certainly worth consideration, hence it’s placement at a healthy number 6 on this list.

5. With a Song

Are you a musician? Do you know any musicians? Writing a piece of music to declare love isn’t exactly the freshest of ideas, however writing one to propose marriage just may be. You of all people should be aware of what kind of tunes your potential spouse is into, therefore giving you an idea of the musical direction you should take with the piece you create for them. Once again, how you choose to present your song in entirely up to you, it could be a case of posting it to them, placing it in an elaborate fashion on the dash of their car- or staging a fully-fledged live performance of the track in your sitting room.

4. In French

French is said to be the language of love, it’s also relatively easy to grasp in short phrases for those who speak fluent English, so why not commit ‘veux-tu m’epouser?’ to memory and go all continental with your big moment? I’m sure there’s a video or two on YouTube that could help you out with pronunciation and the like. The one must for this option is that your partner will actually understand what you’re saying to them and not just stare at you blankly.

3. Over the Radio

Quite similar to the Newspaper Ad approach, a proposal over the radio is just another way of using the popular media to pop the question. It’s advisable to enact this method at a time you are 100% certain that they’re listening, but that’s just obvious isn’t it? Whether you arrange to go on and ask yourself or have their favourite DJ do it for you, this method can’t miss. The only downside being that you may not be able to receive an instant answer, unless you get them on the phone of course…

2. Get a Tattoo

Although originally frowned upon, body art is quickly becoming more integrated and accepted within society. Though once an unthinkable taboo to have a proposal message tatt’d onto oneself, the idea is becoming increasingly popular generation to generation. This option is not for the faint hearted however, instead more suitable to the headstrong and the confident. It’s one thing having regret and resentment over the most simple of tattoos, never mind one declaring outright love for a person who you may stray from in the future. Actually, forget that last bit. If you want a tattoo to do your proposing, go right ahead- what else are they for but to immortalise a significant moment in your life?

1. Hire a Skywriter

Now, I’m not even convinced that this is a real option; can this be done in real life? I’ve obviously seen it in films and that Valentine’s day episode of The Simpsons, however never in you know, real life. Maybe it’s because of the cloudy climate that I live in, or maybe it’s down to the fact I’ve never seen anyone propose in any way shape or form. Either way, this is one cool way of doing it. Whilst I imagine the costs to be sky-high (haha?), the aesthetical benefits must be so worth it- especially if he/she accepts.

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