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Top 10 Popular World Festivals

Top 10 Popular World Festivals

Being at a festival is like standing inside of an entire culture. These cultures have created rituals and public spectacles that range from intimate to extremely open. Either way, one thing can be said for sure: festivals are fun, unique, and exciting. Below, we are going to talk about the top 10 popular world festivals.

10. Mardi Gras, United States

Every year in New Orleans around January, a two-week festival takes place and it parades “queens” and “kings” who dress in garish floats that are called “krewes”. These krewes will throw trinkets into large crowds, usually for the women who show their bodies. The idea behind Mardi Gras is to let loose and release your inhibitions. The day after is called “Ash Wednesday and the day after that “Fat Tuesday”.

9. Carnaval, Brazil

In Rio De Janerio in early February every year, millions of people come to witness and be a part of Carnaval. It is basically a four-day long event that has festivities and involves groups trying to see who can beat each other and earn the title of “best samba school”. At this festival, you’ll usually see a fair share of women and flashy boats. The “Masquerade Ball” is breathtaking and this is where you dress to impress.

8. Kanamara Matsuri, Japan

March 31st through April 1st every year in Japan transforms into a country that they normally don’t act like.

7. Semana Santa, Guatemala

Imagine statues of Jesus being paraded through the streets that are laid with pines, fruits, and flowers. Also imagine that this street is almost a mile long and re-enacts the actually walking that was believed to have been taken by Jesus Christ himself. While it may seem like an odd tradition, it is something that takes place every year in Guatemala. The amount of passion during these meeting’s would even make an atheist’s jaw drop.

6. ll Palio, Italy

Every year in July and August in Italy, this heart-stopping event occurs in Italy and even involves a huge horse race. This race typically lasts around 90 seconds and most of the other days are packed with major-league carousing. The races typically involve a horse being represented by 17 different neighborhoods and you will often see riders falling to the ground- so don’t be surprised when this happens. But it doesn’t matter who wins because the festival is filled with food and alcohol and everybody has fun who attends.

5. La Tomatina, Spain

On the last Wednesday in August every year, Spain hosts a festival that lasts for a week and brings in approximately 200,000 pounds of tomatoes? Why you ask would there but such a need for so many of these? Well, they are used for diving into as well as hurling at each other once everyone has worked up a good buzz. At the end of the festival, you’ll usually see a street that is painted red and left with the remains of hundreds of thousands of tomatoes.

4. Burning Man, United States

Every year in Nevada around August or September, a week-long spectacle called Burning Man will attract up to 30,000 people for an event that is like no other. What is Burning Man? It can really be difficult to put a label on it but this “City of Art” has a unique theme that often attracts very weird gizmos and gadgets. You are not allowed to sell anything at this event except for the special outlets that focus on selling food and beverages. Friendly bartering between these things is recommended here and for about $300, you can become a part of it. The entire ceremony ends with the burning of a giant Wicker Man.

3. Diwali, India

On October or November of every year, a five-day festival known as Diwali occurs. It invites all religions and creeds and is basically an event that is designed to celebrate the triumph over evil. Homes are sprayed with cleaners, people purchase new sets of clothes, and a large amount of firecrackers are periodically set off without warning. On top of it all, sweets are exchanged as the noise-levels dramatically rise throughout this period.

2. Dia De Muertos, Mexico

On November 1st and 2nd of every year, Mexico hosts an event which is known as “The Day of the Dead” in English. The two days associated with this festival involves tons of food and drinks, people in skeleton suites, and non-stop parties with bands performing near gravesites. Sure it may sound disrespectful, but Dia De Muertos has been around for a long time and destroys taboos all around the earth as it celebrates death and focus on life after it. It is a rare festival and a must-see for unique event goers.

1. Noche De Los Rabanos, Mexico

And finally, on December 23rd of every year, Mexico hosts another popular event that is called “The Night of the Radishes”. As funny as the name sounds, it is a huge festival that attracts millions of people. It was originally brought around in the 16th century and has been around ever since. Today, this event incorporates all kinds of contests and the rewards are what you may guess: radishes. In some cases, cash prizes as well as respect is awarded too.

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