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Top 10 Failed Assassinations in History

Top 10 Failed Assassinations in History

Assassinations are a part of history and have occurred on all kinds of people in almost every part of the world. Few people take more than a passing glance at those failed attempts that, had they succeeded, would have transformed history just as much, if not more, than those that were successful. Let’s take a look at the top 10 failed assassinations in history.

10. Ronald Reagan

It is interesting to think about what the world would have looked like if the bullets trying to find Reagan would have done so. This would have made Vice-President George H.W. Bush come into office about eight years earlier and would have radically changed the direction of our economy. Luckily, the bullets fired from John Hinkley’s gun didn’t find their mark and because of this, Reagan lived to fight another day and continued on to negotiate the eventual fall of the Berlin Wall.

9. Abraham Lincoln

While a lot of people are familiar with the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in 1865 by John Wilkes Booth, few know about an earlier attempt in 1864. Basically, someone had taken a shot from a gun towards the president as he was riding around Washington in a carriage. The bullet missed his head by inches and if the aim would have been a little better, an entire series of events would have unfolded differently.

8. Andrew Jackson

A lot of people see Abraham Lincoln’s assassination attempt as the first attempt to kill an American President’s life. Few realize though that this had actually occurred before on Andrew Jackson. It was in Jackson’s first term that a deranged man walked right up to him and pointed two pistols in his direction. Miraculously, both pistols misfired and before the assassin could leave, the commander-in-chief put him in place with a cane that was disguised as a musket.

7. Charles De Gaulle

During World War Two, Charles De Gaulle was at the height of his career. He had accomplished a lot and was the responsible for the “Free French” era of his time. One die while riding is car down a road called “Avenue de la Liberation”, his vehicle was sprayed by machine gun bullets as it was speeding down the streets at close to 70 miles per hour. Surprisingly, none of the bullets hit him and he survived the incident without a scratch.

6. Fascist Leader of Italy, 1926

The year 1926 was not a good year for Il Duce, who experienced over four different assassination attempts over the course of seven months. And while this may have been a good year for him, it was a bad one for Italy who wanted to see the ruler overthrown or killed. The first attempt failed with a bullet that nearly shot off his nose and the other three missed their marks all together. In any case, you could consider him a very lucky man.

5. President Election of the United States, 1933

It can be hard to imagine what the world would have been like if Roosevelt would have been assassinated in February of 1933. He was in Miami, Florida riding in an open car when an Italian man named Giuseppe Zangaa fired five shots towards his vehicle. One of those shots pierced and killed the major of Chicago, Anton Cermak but all of them missed Roosevelt.

4. Gamal Nasser

The majority of people who live outside of Arab have probably never even heard of Gamal Nasser before. For almost 20 years, he was the driving force behind the nationalism in the Arab nation and was the reason for the many wars with Israel. And because of this, eight bullets were fired in his direction on October of 1954. If this assassination attempt were to have succeeded, it is unlikely that the wars of 1956 and 1967 would have ever occurred.

3. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Shortly have he became the leader of the Soviet Union there was a female who attempted to kill him in cold blood. Her name was Fanya Kaplin and she managed to get off three shots towards him as Lenin was about to get into his car. And although he was seriously injured after being hit in the jaw and arm, he recovered and he used this assassination attempt to increase his popularity and instigate a reign of terror over his enemies.

2. Wilhelm II

In 1901, an anarchist took a shot towards Wilhelm and after missing, dramatically changed what would have been a disaster to the history of Europe. Had the shot made its mark, the course of history would have quickly been altered. And while all of the madness of Europe in 1914 can’t entirely be blamed on this man, it would have made events go spiraling out of control should he have been killed on that day in 1901.

1. Adolf Hitler

Most people can agree that Hitler was an evil man who wanted nothing more than world domination. What a lot of people don’t know is that there was assassination attempt on him that almost went through. A man named Claus Von Stauffenberg came to kill Hitler in his hideout in 1944. Let’s take a look at the events that would have unfolded if this assassination attempt would have succeeded: the war in Europe would have been over, the Nazi party in Germany would fall apart, and the war would have been shortened by ten months, saving millions of lives and billions of dollars.

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