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Top 10 Strengths of Women


Over time the role and purpose of women in the society and community has been redefined by the contemporary influences as well as the bravery of other women who had stood courageously amidst discrimination. In fact, the stereotypical notions that their capacities and abilities are just limited for their family, husband, and children have totally diminished especially that equality and feministic views have been the strongest stand for all. In fact, according to history much of the successes and revolts did actually transpire because of their bravery. Before, they did not have the chance to raise their voice, express their feelings, and opinions, but now, they are more active and a real fighter. They are not raised to be just a help-meet for any spouse in their future family, but they can make a difference not just in their homes, but in the world. In fact, some of the things that could have been overlooked and belittled by men in general are the strengths that they do not have, nor could they compete at. Here are the top 10 strengths of women that would keep any family intact, and fortifies communities and even nations.

10. Results-driven

10. Results driven e1345701417440 Top 10 Strengths of Women

Women are easy to get along with because they know how to work in a team or group. In fact, much of the success in any project is usually attributed to the contribution, and mindset that women possess. In fact, even in seemingly unimportant activities, you could see dozens of women who are ready to raise their hands and be part of it. They love to take actions and be part of the things that can be accomplished as one. They are very enthusiastic and indeed movers rather than just listen and follow what others would want to suggest or say. Once they move, they put their heart on it, and you would see positive and rewarding results.

9. Proactive

9. Proactive e1345701380770 Top 10 Strengths of Women

Women especially mothers know how to handle difficult situations especially that the most painful part of their life is giving birth. They know how to see positive things despite of the negative influences and atmosphere that can come from within or other external factors. This is the reason that most of the suicidal attempts are always associated with men, since they tend to keep the pressure for themselves. Women have lots of outlets that they can channel on where they can easily divert or vent things out.

8. Caring

8. Caring e1345701370394 Top 10 Strengths of Women

It is part of the women’s attribute to be caring or compassionate since they are much attached and emotional compared to men. It’s part of the feminine character which is not really a weakness since they are recognized more as a homemaker, and a nurturer at home. This is the reason why in most of the non-profit organizations or groups that provide assistance to people are always a composition of women like mothers, singles, and others who are strong advocate of specific principle. It’s really a natural part of themselves to be more caring not just to others, but to the members of the family.

7. Participative

7. Participative e1345701356950 Top 10 Strengths of Women

Women are more open to express their thoughts, feelings, and opinions. This is the reason in most of the discussions, and conversations, they have lots of things to say and contribute. In fact, they even go beyond on what is expected of them. This is the reason why there are much successful women these days whether at work, school, and even in politics. In whatever decisions that an organization has to come-up, expect that they have important points to share and to explain.

6. Emotional

6. Emotional e1345701345661 Top 10 Strengths of Women

It is true that women are much emotional than men since its part of the feminine character. In fact, men try to hide or keep what they really feel inside since most of them believe tears are not part of the masculine image that they are trying to project and protect. This is the reason why they tend to become more empathetic when people try to share their problems, worries, and other dilemmas in life. They know how to listen without interrupting, they know when to share counsels, and of course, how to understand others. It’s the same reason why they have a better emotional intelligence or better known as EQ. This is the reason that women have lots of friends that they can accompany with compared to men which are really in selection of their closest and trusted buddies.

5. Creative

5. Creative e1345701334990 Top 10 Strengths of Women

When things get tougher, they know how, when, and what to do. The simple things can look extraordinary because of their resourcefulness. They know how to capitalize on the things that they have on their end. This is the reason why they are reliable when it comes to financial decisions, and budgeting. They may not be as technical as men whom everyone knows, but they know how to impress not just their employers, but even their family members. They can accomplish things even if you leave them behind without any supervision. Expect that you would expect much better results with the time and resources that would be provided to them. This kind of strength is commonly manifested at work, and other gatherings.

4. Organized

4. Organized e1345701324701 Top 10 Strengths of Women

It is true that women are really organized, and it has been proven by the employers or bosses of women who have found them punctual, and prepared when it comes to work. It is also evident in most of the working mothers who have the ability to manage their time at work, and responsibilities at hand when they get home. In fact, they are exactly the opposite of men who love free-spirited activities, carefree life, and “come what may” attitude. This could be the reason why they have to be one in order to compensate each other’s weaknesses. Just check their room, their belongings, their bags, and even bathroom, you’ll see how they are detailed oriented, and how they keep the mess away from them since it’s one of the natural strengths that men are trying to master and muster.

3. Initiative

3. Initiative e1345701313883 Top 10 Strengths of Women

You don’t need to command or compel them for them to move and get up working. They have the initiative to get something done even if they don’t need to do it. This is the reason that in any workplace set-up, most of the employers trust, and rely on them because of their ability to get things done without being forced to do it. In fact, at home, they automatically do things like household chores, getting up early to prepare breakfast, and all other things that women do especially to all mothers. They did not receive any formal training nor had any specific experience before they go that kind of battle at home, it’s an instinct that they are blessed with.

2. Multi-tasking

2. Multi tasking e1345701292938 Top 10 Strengths of Women

Women can accomplish and do things at the same time. It’s women empowerment wherein they can focus on things without being interrupted or overwhelmed. Of course, expect that they are tired after that. It’s actually connected on their character of being an organized person. They know how to maximize their time, and accomplished great things. It could be the reason why women are called as superwomen because of the extra power and time that they can do compared to men’s allotted space.

1. Problem-Solver

1. Problem Solver e1345701274508 Top 10 Strengths of Women

Even if you put women in a very difficult situation, they will emerge victorious because of their positivity. Moreover, since they are emotional, they can always recuperate from whatever ill-feelings, agony, and other misfortunes or trials that may come in their life. They would just cry it out, and once they feel that they have vented everything out, they will take the lead to make solutions instead of dwelling on the problem. They will find ways to overcome and fight the real problem instead of being under come by it.

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